These are the Future Jobs for Generation Z

One day, when I was sitting with my laptop next to my father and ‘working from home’, he asked: “Are you really earning money like that?”. For my father who woke up at 6 am every day; opened his store; closed it at 6 pm and went back to home for 30 years, it’s impossible for him to understand this new mode of working.


I wondered if the same thing would happen to me in the future. 20 years later, will it be hard for me to understand the way new generation business works and earns money? In this blog, we will talk about the future potential jobs for Centennials as known as Generation Z.


What kind of jobs will they have in the future and what will be their future dreams?


We are all aware of the paradox of robots taking all our jobs. This is not a disaster scenario or a Black Mirror episode, it is happening now. Especially when the jobs that require physical work can be done by robots, this means both cheaper and impeccable. Also, this is a great advantage for the employers.

So, what will people do? After all, we continue to live, and we somehow must produce, make money (or whatever it will be in the future). What will we do, people?

If we look at it from a broad perspective, the world is constantly changing, and robots have already entered our lives. Once upon a time, the calculator has taken human’s job, as well. But it’s not that bad for us as people are working with new inventions and new areas of business that come with these inventions and technologies. It will be the same in the future! But this time, when robots do the workforce, the human beings will apparently manage the artificial intelligence.


Robot controllers, gene therapy, holoportion expertise, ethical heckerism, emotional design and even dream making. It sounds pretty utopian right now, but these professions will come into existence in 20 years.


It is important to add that Generation Z will request more than Millennials: a free working environment far from the hierarchy, fair wage management policy, working environment and benefits, development, training and career opportunities will be the most important pillars for them to choose their future company.


By Studying Computer and Software, They Will Improve Robot Control

Since computers and the Internet are indispensable parts of our life, many Z Gen’ers choose to study in the information systems, computer software and electronic engineering fields. For those who prefer entrepreneurship, they additionally go towards health, food technology, fintech and e-commerce fields. At this point, unlike their predecessors, they are also leading initiatives to design their future professions. In addition to the professions that I’ve mentioned, people are talking about ‘5 sense advertising design, artificial intelligence marketing, artificial organ producers’ as professions within 20 years!


Working with Generation Z

It will be a new experience to work with Centennials for managers: new and hard. This generation is not likely to accept a strict working life (from 8 am to 5 pm). The priority in working life for them will be ‘experience-orientation’. Even if they show a guaranteeing attitude in the choice of profession, they can go out of their comfort zone if necessary -due to the importance they give to work/ life balance. They want to learn by themselves, they want to take part in the work themselves.


They Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Even me and my friends were always thinking about “running our own business” when we were in university. Nowadays, I always hear from my friends that “they will sell this product on Instagram”. But this generation is more assertive. They all have an entrepreneurial spirit. It is only possible for them to work in a professional life if they feel themselves as part of the environment, finding meaning in what they do (the culture of the company), training and career opportunities.


Centennials Grew up with the Technology

We should always remember that those young people learned their parents how to use technology products; they opened their mother’s Facebook account and they did all their assignments with Google.


Centennials expect technology to enable them, not control them. That’s why their generation is called Zillenials, Gamers, Internet Belt, Next Generation, iGen, Instant Online and digitally native generation.  The most prominent anticipations in the business life of this generation will be transparency, equality of opportunity, freedom to express themselves, participation and being away from the hierarchy.