5 Great Examples of Employer Branding

Before listing the great examples of employer branding, I should say that it is hotting up in the unfortunately named “war for talent”. Today’s sought-after workers have a lot more choices and opportunities than they did just a few years ago. It has never been easier to find available opportunities as a candidate, and, it has never been so easy to be found by headhunters.

Our workings lives have changed fundamentally in half a generation. How we evaluate and secure a new job is no different. There is now huge online visibility into a company’s inner workings. It is not uncommon for candidates to truly understand the culture and the values of a company before the recruitment process begins. Before they view a job description.

This foisted transparency means employers are happily showing off their wares. They profile their friendly work environment, professional training, and development opportunities and challenging work in their employer branding efforts. It is a crowded and noisy space out their on the internet.

So, we decided to shine a light on some of the best of the best. Creativity is subjective, so these are my own favorites. And, of course, context is key; what works for a drinks company may not work for a consultancy. Share your own, or argue the toss if you disagree @topdigitaljobs.

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Without further ado – here is my top five great examples of employer branding:

1. “I am…” Campaign – Foundation Medicine

Foundation medicine I am campaign, employer branding campaign
Foundation Medicine – “I am..” campaign

Foundation Medicine is a molecular insights company; they are connecting physicians and their patients to the cancer treatment approaches. “Dealing with cancer is not just dealing with cancer. It’s treating the whole person” they share in their patient stories.  They created an employer branding campaign called “I am..”. Why they are on the list of “Great Examples of Employer Branding”? 

In the “I Am…” campaign, they make it clear that workers are aware of their mission at Foundation Medicine and they are committed to providing a unique treatment to their patients. They create a video which is pretty simple where employees define themselves as something else then their professional title.

Why is it successful?

The simplicity of an employer branding campaign is the key. It shows that brands don’t need to invest six figures in their employer branding to show their culture and values. As long as they are unique, there are many great ways to show this to their future employees.

When candidates search the company online, the campaign will be a great introduction to leverage employee stories and to appeal them via social channels which makes this campaign a great example of employer branding. #uniquelyFMI campaign connected with social media engagement around their hashtag and this has all the characteristic features of a good employer brand campaign.

2. ‘Go Place’ Campaign – Heineken

heineken go place campaign, heineken recruitment process, heineken employer branding, great examples of employer branding
Heineken – ‘Go Place’ Campaign

Heineken created one of the best recruiting campaigns in 2016 which is “Go Places”. It’s also a great example of employer branding:  the talent is invited to respond 12 questions, which must be answered in 5 seconds. The brand uses the Enneagram model, giving a personal profile as a result which must be sent along with the resume when applying for the Heineken position.  

Check the site here. It’s a great way for the brand to give the message of ‘Heineken Company is unlike any other’. 

Why is it successful?

We always mention how it’s important to be clear from the beginning of the recruitment process. This employer branding campaign is not just a creative and unique method to gather data; it’s also a manifesto for potential employees. The brand wants to demonstrate that they first want to understand your personality and ambitions before knowing the company where you’ve worked and did an internship.

3. ‘The Internship’ Movie – Google

the internship movie, the internship employer branding, google employer branding, great examples of employer branding
The Internship Movie, 2013

Google, the technology giant, is one of the most attractive workplaces in the world. Google is the company which introduces all employee perks (nap pods, free meals, parental leave etc.).  Their employer branding strategy goes parallel with their culture, mission and vision. Their “work hard, play hard” environment is known by the public and Hollywood has done it with “The Internship”.

The movie “The Internship” features many real Google employees a.k.a Googlers – including founder Sergey Brin – and highlights many of the company’s popular workplace quirks on the big stage.

Why is it successful?

This is not a product placement in a movie: this is displaying the culture, the community atmosphere, and the really cool technology while the audience is watching 2 laid-off salesmen who attempt to compete with much younger and more technically-skilled applicants for a job at Google.

4. ‘Introducing Flexible Public Holidays’ Campaign – Spotify

Spotify - Introducing Flexible Public Holidays campaign, spotify employer branding, employer branding examples
Spotify – Introducing Flexible Public Holidays campaign

From now one, every Spotify employee – Spotifier – has the opportunity to take the holidays that matter to them. They might choose to work on a day that is a public holiday in the country they work in and swap it for another workday instead.

If you -as a Spotify worker- work in a country where Christmas is a public holiday, you can choose to work on Christmas Day and switch it for a day off on another date that is important for you to celebrate. Diwali, Ramadan, International Day Against Homophobia or World Animal Day. It’s your day, your choice.

Why is it successful?

This is a fast-paced world; we have to track the trends if we want to survive. It’s great that Spotify shows how they get into new changes in their culture. There are hundreds of people who come from their hometown to work in these companies. It’s a great opportunity for them to visit their home countries in their special days.

The campaign shows perfectly flexibility and work/life balance without saying “Hey people! We are flexible!”

5. ‘A Day in the Light of…’ Campaign – Hubspot

hubspot employer branding, hubspot flexible public holidays, employer branding examples, rattleberry blog
Hubspot – ‘A Day in the Light of’ Campaign

The campaign simply shows a day in the life of Matthew Watkin’s -Hubspot’s Senior Editor and Animator-. You could also find a day of in the life of other employees in videos.

Matt wakes up in his own house and gets ready for the work. When he arrives work, the audience could see the office environment, benefits – free lunch, coffee breaks, etc. – and diversity of employees. It’s a 1-min video but you could feel how flexible they are at work and how they could live their passion.  

Why is it successful?

It’s one of the great examples of employer branding as it is very cheap, simple as well as encouraging made by their own employees. In the meantime, Hubspot’s own employees uploaded a lot of selfies and happy moments at the office on social media with #Hubspotlife.